Dec. 06, 2011
Duration: 46S min/episode
Rated: TV-14
Status: Returning Series

Seasons and episodes

13Season 13Jan. 02, 2024
12Season 12Nov. 02, 2022
11Season 11Oct. 27, 2021
10Season 10Nov. 24, 2020
9Season 9Nov. 19, 2019
8Season 8Dec. 11, 2018
7Season 7Nov. 13, 2017
6Season 6Nov. 15, 2016
5Season 5Nov. 17, 2015
4Season 4Nov. 04, 2014
3Season 3Nov. 05, 2013
2Season 2Nov. 07, 2012
1Season 1Dec. 06, 2011


Tim Smith
Tim Smith


Think the days of bootleggers, backwoods stills and "white lightning" are over? Not a chance! It's a multi-million dollar industry. But perhaps more importantly to the moonshiners, it's a tradition dating back hundreds of years, passed down to them from their forefathers. It's part of their history and culture. While this practice is surprisingly alive and well, it's not always legal. Moonshiners tells the story of those who brew their shine - often in the woods near their homes using camouflaged equipment - and the local authorities who try to keep them honest. Viewers will witness practices rarely, if ever, seen on television including the sacred rite of passage for a moonshiner - firing up the still for the first time. They will also meet legends, including notorious moonshiner Marvin "Popcorn" Sutton.

Original titleMoonshiners
First air dateDec. 06, 2011
Last air dateApr. 09, 2024
IMDb Rating6.11 608 votes
TMDb Rating7.136 votes

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